Hot sales 10x10 oak frame white felt letter board

Hot sales 10x10 oak frame white felt letter board

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Wooden Black Felt Letter Board

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felt letter board




10X10 inch ,12X12 inch,12x18 inch


natural wood


•10” x 10” letter board with oak frame and black felt
•290 white plastic white letters, numbers and punctuation marks included; each character is ¾''
•We also have a small cloth bag to keep all unused letters. Never lose a letter!
•Comes with mounted hook on back so you can easily hang the letter board on the wall
•Add personality to your house by displaying fun or inspirational quotes, messages, etc.
•Perfect for events such as birthdays, weddings, photography sessions, parties, or church activities




Bubble Bag + Inner box+Carton


screen logo or stamp logo

The oak wood frame
These natural oak-framed boards are carefully assembled for maximum strength and longevity and allow for easy personalization by staining or painting. You'll be surprised at the weight and build quality when you first handle it.

The felt
The backing is a rich, thick felt that makes adding and removing characters easy and will grip letters longer and stronger than velour. While velour and similar materials may stretch and sag over time, every inch of our felt backings are tightly secured to the board for a durable surface.

The hanger
Pre-installed brass-plated steel hanging hardware lets you hang your board as soon as you take it out of the box. Its four-sawtooth design makes mounting as easy as driving a nail, though more modern approaches like removable hooks work as well.

The letters
Our character set is injection-molded from brilliantly white plastic in a ¾"-tall Arial-esque design . Their PVC composition means that after removing the characters, the rest of the mold can be safely recycled.

Our mainly production are different kinds of felt letter board.
We have a manufacturing facility in our factory to produce our felt letter board and letters.
With the advanced production lines and experience employees, 10000 pcs products have been done each day, and we have stock in order to save delivery time.
You can put forward any requirement you need and we will try our best to satisfy you.